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I/O Controller with Ethernet/RS232
Please see the RIO-471xx PLC for information about a newer, more compact and cost-effective I/O controller.

The IOC-7007 Ethernet I/O controller provides an intelligent solution for handling inputs and outputs. The IOC-7007 controller base accepts up to seven Galil I/O IOM modules. IOM modules are available with TTL inputs, optoisolated inputs, optoisolated outputs, high power outputs, dry contact relays, analog inputs and analog outputs.

The IOC-7007 is programmable and includes 500 lines of non-volatile program memory, variables, arrays and multitasking for concurrent execution of up to eight different programs. The controller also includes 1 PLC thread with deterministic timing. The programming language is similar to Galil's motion controller language allowing seamless integration of motion and I/O.

The IOC-7007 is available as a packaged unit , as a DIN rail mount unit , or as a card-level unit. The box-level version accepts 90-260 VAC or 20-60 VDC. The DIN rail and card-level unit accept 20-60 VDC.


  • Intelligent Input/Output controller includes 32-bit microcomputer with memory and multitasking for programming I/O events.
  • Install up to seven plug-in "IOM" modules to handle many input and output functions.
  • "Mix and Match" I/O modules to meet specific requirements. I/O modules for:
    • 16 TTL Inputs
    • 8 optoisolated inputs
    • 8 optoisolated outputs
    • 8 high power outputs
    • 4 dry contact relays
    • 8 analog inputs
    • 8 analog outputs
  • Interfaces with other Galil motion controllers or I/O devices via Ethernet
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T with auto-negotiate function for communicating with 100 Base-T or 10 Base-T devices; One RS232 port up to 19.2kb
  • Supports MODBUS in both master and slave mode for interface to other MODBUS devices.
  • I/O commands and programming are similar to Galil motion controller programming. Additional commands for I/O processing and PLC functions. Easy integration of Galil Ethernet motion controller with IOC-7007
  • 8 multitasking threads for simultaneous execution of multiple I/O programs. One additional thread for PLC mode
  • PLC mode for fast I/O scans with deterministic timing
  • Fast command processing time--less than 100 microseconds
  • Non-volatile memory includes 500 line x 80 chr program space; 126 symbolic variables; 1000 elements in up to 14 arrays
  • Accepts 90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz or 20-60 VDC
  • Packaging options include: metal encosure, DIN rail mount, or card-level
  • 20-pin molex connectors for easy interface to I/O modules
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Price List

Part Number Description 1pc / 100pc
I/O controller BOX; AC $595 / $495