GDK Design Kit


The GDK Design Kit (GDK) is Galil Motion Control's application development environment for Galil motion controllers and PLCs.

GDK's modular design allows communication with one or many controllers with a set of tools designed to aid in all stages of a Galil application.


GDK is available on many operating systems. See installation for more details.

The Basics

The Tools

  • Terminal - Send commands to hardware
  • Editor - Edit DMC programs
  • Viewer - Concise views of key values
  • Scope * - Plot data vs. time
  • Tuner * - Tune feedback loops
  • Setup - Manage hardware memory

* Some tools require a license key.

Step-By-Step GDK

Galil provides several step-by-step walkthroughs to help users learn how to use GDK.