Prior Generation

Supported controllers, still in production, but are no longer recommended for new applications. For more information regarding the Prior Generation label, please see the FAQ page.

Prior Generation Motion Controllers

Single and Dual-Axis Motion Controllers With Ethernet/RS232
ISA Optima Motion Controllers, 1-8 axes
Ethernet/RS232 Optima Motion Controllers, 1-8 axes
Ethernet/RS232 1-axis Motion Controller and Drive
PC/104 1-Axis Motion Controller
PCI Optima Motion Controllers, 1-8 axes
PCI 1-Axis Motion Controller
RS232/ISA Legacy Series 1-8 axis

Estimated End-Of-Life for Controllers - updated Jan 2017

These motion controllers and PLCs are still in production and will end-of-life in the number of years specified in the table below.

Controller Introduced Estimated End-of-Life New Equivalent
DMC-10x0 October 1992 1 to 3 years DMC-18x6
DMC-12x0 September 1998 Discontinued in 2017 No PC/104. Contact Factory.
DMC-1411 November 1996 1 to 4 years DMC-30010
DMC-14x5 October 1999 5 or more years DMC-30010
DMC-1417 May 2001 1 to 4 years DMC-30010
DMC-15x0 October 1994 1 to 3 Years DMC-41x3
DMC-17x0 November 1997 1 to 3 Years DMC-18x6
DMC-18x0 March 1999 3 to 6 years DMC-18x6
DMC-22x0 September 1998 3 to 5 years DMC-42x0
CDS-3310 October 2004 2 to 4 Years DMC-30012
IOC-7007 January 2002 Discontinued in 2016 RIO series

Obsolete Products List