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ServoTrends June 2017  

  • [Webinar] Closed-Loop Control of Stepper Motors
  • [White Paper] Transconductance vs Voltage Amplifiers
  • [White Paper] Forms of Closed Loop Stepper Control
  • [App Note] Positioning a Stepper Motor Using Encoder Feedback on an Axis with Non-linear Mechanics Announcement
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in March 2017

ServoTrends Feb 2017  

  • [Webinar] Using Raspberry Pi to Create Powerful, Low Cost Solutions with Galil Controllers
  • Galil Now Provides Support for Linux
  • [White Paper] Advanced Applications of Electronic Gearing Part 2
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in March 2017

ServoTrends Oct 2016  

  • Introducing GDK's Scope and Tuner Tools
  • [Application Note] Tuning a Piezomotor DMC-30019 and LEGS Piezoelectric Motor for High Resolution Motion Control
  • Exosent Engineering: Welding Non-Concentric Cylinders
  • [White Paper] Compensating For External Forces in Motion Control Applications

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