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DMC-30000 motor control
Ethernet/RS232 Single Axis Motion Controller

The DMC-30000 Motion Controller Series is Galil's latest generation single-axis motion controller. It uses a 32-bit RISC processor to provide higher speed than older models. The DMC-30000 is available as a compact card-level or box-level unit and connects to a stepper or servo motor amplifier of any power range. Or, the DMC-30000 can be purchased with an internal 800-Watt brushless sine drive or microstepping drive which minimizes space, cost and wiring while proving an all in one motor control. The motion controller operates stand-alone or can be networked to a PC via Ethernet. Modes of motion include point-to-point positioning, position tracking, jogging, contouring, electronic gearing and ecam. Like all Galil controllers, programming the DMC-30000 is simplified with two-letter, intuitive commands and a full set of software tools such as GalilSuite for servo tuning and analysis.

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  • Single-axis motion controller with optional servo or stepper motor control in a compact enclosure:
    • Optional, on-board 800 W brushed/brushless sine drive;
      • 10 A cont., 15 A peak at 20-80 VDC
      • 160VDC input option is available, consult factory for your application requirement
    • Optional, on-board microsteppping drive;
      • 6 A/phase, 20-80 VDC; 256 microsteps per full step
      • 160VDC input option is available, consult factory for your application requirement
    • Optional, on-board low-current stepper drive;
      • 1.4 A/phase; Full, half, 1/4, 1/16 step; 12-30 VDC
  • Motion controller available as card-level or box-level unit which can connect to stepper or servo amplifier of any power range
  • Two daisy-chainable Ethernet 100 Base-T ports. One 115kbaud RS232 port
  • Ethernet supports multiple masters and slaves. TCP/IP, UDP and Modbus TCP master protocol for communication with I/O devices
  • Encoder feedback up to 15 MHz. Quadrature standard; SSI and BiSS encoder option(SER). Sinusoidal Encoder option (DMC-31xxx). Main and auxiliary encoder inputs
  • Non-volatile memory for programs, variables and arrays.
  • Concurrent execution of four programs.
  • Optically isolated forward and reverse limit inputs and homing input
  • 8 uncommitted, isolated inputs and 4 isolated outputs
  • High speed position latch and output compare
  • 2 uncommitted 12bit 0-5V analog inputs (16bit ±10V inputs on DMC-31xxx) and 1 uncommitted analog output
  • Standard power input is +/-12V and 5V. Controller available with optional DC-DC converter with 9-48VDC single supply input.(Option for 20-80 VDC).
  • Compact Form Factor
    • DMC-30010/DMC-30011 Card: 3.0" x 4.0"
    • DMC-30010/DMC-30011 Box: 3.9" x 4.2" x 1.4"
    • DMC-30012/30014-BOX/30016-BOX/30017-BOX: 3.9" x 5.0" x 1.5"

Price List

Part Number Description 1pc / 100pc
Single Axis Controller box (Requires 5V,+/-12VDC Triple Supply) $545 / $330
Single Axis Controller card (Requires 5V,+/-12VDC Triple Supply) $495 / $295
Single Axis Controller box with DC-to-DC $595 / $365
Single Axis Controller card with DC-to-DC $545 / $330
Single Axis Controller box with internal 800W brush/brushless sine drive and 20-80VDC Input $695 / $445
Single Axis Controller box with internal 20W linear brushless servo drive w/ sine commutation 30VDC max Input $695 / $445
Controller box with stepper drive; 1.4 A/phase; Full,Half,1/4,1/16 step;12-30 VDC $645 / $415
Single Axis Controller box with internal 6A microstepping drive and 20-80VDC Input $745 / $480
16-bit ADC and 10 V configurable analog inputs; accepts sinusoidal or digital encoder input. (Adder) $100 / $65
ETL certification for DMC-3x0xx $0 / $0
Real Time Clock option $50 / $35
SSI or BiSS encoder input option (main & aux) $50 / $25
Shunt regulator with 90V threshold $50 / $35

Cables and Accessories

Image Part Number Description
Galil's newest generation software package for Galil motion controllers and PLCs
Servo Tuning and Analysis with Program Editor and Terminal
GalilTools programming software for Galil controllers
Communication Drivers and Device Support to create a Galil EPICS IOC
12A-24 VDC Power supply
6A-48 VDC Power Supply
Nema 23 Brushless Motor with 1000-line encoder
15-pin HD male D to discrete wires-1 meter
15-pin HD male D to discrete wires-2 meter
44-pin HD male D to discrete wires-1 meter
RS232 female to female straight through cable
15-pin D HD male to screw term
44-pin D HD male to screw terminals